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2008-06-08 00:44:03    ASANEA GIFTS -
Exquisite site with wonderful products! One of the very best on LR! From high quality coffee to cigars. Even keychains and apparel too! Brilliant layout with alot of information and coupons but well organized making nav a breeze! Please review our site and add your URL to it!.
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2008-06-08 00:42:51    UNIQUE CORPORATE GIFTS
One of the very best sites we've visited on LR! Great graphics in the header and products to highlight your wonderful coffee. Also, love your inclusion of self-marketed merchandise for loyal customers. Great job! Please review our site..
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2008-05-22 21:58:18    Gary
Great items at even better prices..very nice layout, and the products are catergorized which aid in easy navigation. I believe that I went through all of them because you have such an array of products. I really enjoyed your site. I will be back to buy. Good Luck.
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2008-05-13 13:12:37    ???
shopping / jewelry    98 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2008-05-13 01:09:18    Jenn
nice site. good colors. navigation is good. loads quickly. no problem finding product choices. nice graphics..
homelife / pets    2199 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2008-05-12 18:59:54    Michael and Pamela
Excellent, excellent site! I really love the header - very colorful and creative. Site is super organized with a very professional looking layout and design. Top notch products ! With top notch product pictures and descriptions. Love everything about this site. Wishing you much success! .
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2008-05-10 05:02:36    mike
I bookmarked it....

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