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2010-03-12 14:43:10    Warehouse
Really nice well organized site. Very attractive to browsers great multimedia tools.
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2010-03-08 09:47:35    Gwei
Site clean loaded in a reasonable amount of time if you're a gamer a good site. Only negative criticism background level of music I personally found intrusive (ie too loud).

additional comments: Thanks for your review wishing you all the best.
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2010-03-06 17:45:43    abdul
nice i hope you more better again.
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2010-03-06 15:55:40    Susan
Great site, I loved the song. I clicked on profile to read about you but there was nothing posted "about you". I like reading about the creators. Best of luck!.
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2010-03-02 09:32:32    Ian Thomas
Your site is visually compelling and well put together -- everything works. Interesting posts. Great job..

additional comments: 4 thumbs up and a '6 out of 10' doesn't make any sense.
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2010-02-25 09:38:55    Mary
I like your blog...the colors are deep and rich so the feel of it is very elegant. I enjoyed reading the poem about Alma Matar. Pictures are very nice and clear. Nicely done. Best wishes. .

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