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Vortl - comment and share with your friends - is your complete guide on hemorrhoids symptoms, prevention, causes, relief and treatment. Know what are the internal, external, and bleeding hemroids / hemorrhoid and their treatment, surgery, and home remedies.

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computing / general    120 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2016-03-04 02:59:31    Jack
Good Work. Very good site, Layouts, graphics and colors are good...
shopping / personal    94 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2014-10-13 15:42:03    Martyn
Great looking site. Loads fast. Very informative!..
health / information    187 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-02-29 09:32:32    Subrata
Very nice site on haemorrhoids. Lot of useful information about it should help many with the condition. Subrata at Health-ideaas.
health / general    32 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-02-22 22:52:47    Dr
Just proper information required for the disease.Not only proper but nearly complete information.Dont ignore herbal aspects.They are invaluable.
health / services    12 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-02-06 18:19:14    Bogdan
Nice website with a pretty common issue! Keep up the good work!.

additional comments: Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Will do, please check it back in a day or so! :)
mm opps. / services    445 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-02-02 11:25:36    Hortense
Lots of valid information on a subject that many people may not discuss..

additional comments: Thanks for stopping by and viewing my site.
homelife / personal    162 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2011-12-19 11:18:57    Bob
simply laid out site - good info about hemorroids. good choice of colors, ie, not overbearing. content is sufficient to keep visitors on site. I checked your visitor stats ( and it looks like your traffic is way down - 2000 visitors 2 years ago and now about 145. Maybe try google adwords. .
computing / advertising    8657 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2011-12-16 05:11:29    mike
I bookmarked it....
shopping / general    13 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2011-12-14 15:24:33    Robert
Has lots of info. Needs more graphics with page changes.
health / information    714 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2011-12-14 13:10:11    Brent
Good looking site with great information on hemroid treatment. Site loads quickly..

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