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2015-11-25 03:59:31    Mark
your website is attractive good view good design and easy to use....
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2015-11-09 02:19:58    Vaughan
No content so nothing to review. .
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2015-11-04 13:06:00    Destiny Zero
Am responding to this person's recent review..

additional comments: Hello, I do apologize. It seems we had an enormous amount of traffic which caused our servers to lag up and it's possible that at the time you accessed our site it was unable to respond to your request and gave you an error. If you try accessing the site again, it should work now without problems as we upgraded our network to handle the spike in traffic. Thank you.
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2015-10-22 01:19:05    Niksa
Very nice way to learn how to build web site, its is all open quickly and easy to understand and navigate.

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