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2017-03-24 03:50:08    Michael
Very interesting website. Please, keep the good job!..
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2016-07-27 07:09:14    Paul
like the site and the video... good site design/template... and the page loads super fast! now... here's my opinions : the three links for navigation at the top didn't help me. let's say i landed on your page from a google or bing search or just browsing around looking for ways to make money at home, i have no clue as to what funneling is! there is no text in the top fold telling me what the site is about, and to be honest, i don't have time to watch your video. plus it looks like i only have 15mins to sign up or i lose the deal - that's a huge turn off (i take time to research company before giving out my info). no where in the top fold is there any links to let me go (quickly) and read more about your system of funneling. there isn't a link to terms and conditions, and most importantly - there is no link to information about your company! now at the bottom of the page, which i hate having to scroll down, i find some links for the terms, but still nothing about the company - then i see "Refunds" - wait! what? .... now i find out that i have to pay you something to make money! the information in the top fold makes me think i can register for free and start making money. hmmm... puzzling isn't it?! ... now i did take the time (which i don't have) to watch about 3 minutes of your video and it's really well done. i love it! however, i think it would be more beneficial to your customers and you SER and SEO if you disclosed all information or at least a snippet of it in the top fold... i'm sorry if i sound harsh, but these are only my opinions - they could all be wrong. but i feel you could gather a lot more customers with just a little info given to them in the top fold: i.e.. "make an incredible amount of money and learn the funneling process with a small fee that is refundable and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee." .. and other little things like that. ... anyways, just my ideas and thoughts, hope it helps and i truly do wish you the best..

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