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Linkreferral Forums - help please advice needed
Post By: member_126666Post Date:   2007-09-30 16:00:18
name: naz
location: United States
member since: 2007-09-18
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help please advice needed

"hello there i have noticed over the past few days another site has copied my keywords for my site so when i type in nazdinx another site appears along side my own with same keywords and a false name and contains adult material are other sites allowed to copy keywords etc?any help would be much appreciated....naz"
Post By: member_413940Post Date:   2016-12-18 07:29:15
name: Paul
location: Oregon, United States
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unlike the other reply... mine is not self promoting and i'm going to report that other person... ... do a google or bing search for duplicate content on websites. there are free and low cost programs that will search the internet to see if your content is used on other sites. also, always keep in mind that you want to be writing as if you are talking to someone. use your keywords thoughtfully! as a general rule of thumb, if you write your content as if you are having a conversation with someone then you won't be risking duplication - also, if you have the time, be changing the content or re-writing it all of the time. google, bing, and other big search engines will love you and give you a better ranking. ... hope that helps and i hope you are successful!

Post By: member_97228Post Date:   2007-09-30 20:59:09
name: charles
location: United States
member since: 2007-04-30
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One of the hardest aspects of Internet marketing is being able to deliver your offer effectively on your own website. I know this because it took me a very long time to learn how to build my own site. I knew that having my own site would give me much more control over my online promotions(not to mention get me a lot more traffic), so there was never any question whether or not to build a site.

Building my first site was a headache. I had to download multiple programs, learn how to use them first, then learn how to build a fully optimized page. At I learned a lot about building websites, how to optimize them, and how to lay things out so that my visitors would make purchases, but building a site is no easy task.

I'm writing you to let you know that Kyle and Carson just released a brand new website building tool called "Site Rubix", and what a great tool it is! There is NO way that you can make a bad looking webpage because the system just won't allow you to. You can drag and drop, add images, video, text, choose from an array of templates, and publish your site to your own domain with the click of a button.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that there is NOTHING out there like this. I'm sure that you are always on the lookout for an easier way to build your websites so you should definitely take a look at Site Rubix.

Here is a link so you can check it out:


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