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replica Cartier Watches

"<p>     <b><a href="">Swiss Replica Watches</a></b> Legendary story of Cartier began in 1847. 29-year-old Louis-Francois Cartier took over from the hands of a Master Adolphe Picard in Paris, rue Montorgueil 31 No. jewelry store. In 1846, the initials to his name around the L and C form a diamond-shaped intentionally marks, registered the Cartier company, which means that Cartier was born, this heart-shaped logo symbolizes a legend of love the beginning of the story and the Kingdom of luxury. Louis-Francois Cartier hope his career in the family from generation to generation, so the skills taught to the eldest son of Louis-Francois Alfred. Later, Alfred also in 1898 and his son Louis Cartier the way to partner continues Cartier. In 1910, Cartier "Double C" logo come out. <b><a href="">Replica Swiss Watches</a></b> </p>

<p>     <b><a href="">Cartier Watches</a></b> In 1899, Cartier out an important step, the shop moved to Paris, No. 13, Heping Street Senior Commodities Centre, a century-old style of elegant and luxurious interior, until the 21 century, Cartier had not been re-moved. Peace Street late 19th century like a magnet, attracting all kinds of new business, together with the formation of the Place Vendome in Paris luxury fashion center, called the most beautiful streets of Paris.Was quite avant-garde through the front of the open land, and large windows filled with black wrought iron, line the windows one can glimpse the upper part of the scene inside the store, and in the lower half of eye-high until the position is covered with curtain screen, the street Xuanrao and blocking out of curiosity.<b><a href="">replica Cartier Watches</a></b> </p>

<p>     <b><a href="">Cartier Watches price</a></b> Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier design began to change. She feels art and design should return to nature, animals and plants will start from the world of nature for inspiration, such as animals, flowers. Most notably when the number of cheetahs in this design, the cloud Yang universal. She not only introduced the Colossus Cartier, is the improvement of the entire jewelry industry. In the meantime, Jeanne Toussaint and contemporary fashion celebrities, including Barbara Hutton, the Duchess of Windsor and Nina Diyer other customers produced a remarkable and unique jewelry kit, which includes the famous Duchess of Windsor, leopard-shaped sapphire brooch, which later became the Duchess of Windsor's personal symbols. <b><a href="">Cartier Watches replica</a></b> </p>"

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