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Post By: darkshadow2010Post Date:   2011-11-02 19:03:51
name: Destiny Zero
location: Maryland, United States
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New Website Design - Reviews are Requested

"Hey Guys, I just had finished doing a major redesign of my website

"" and I am looking for feed back.

Destiny Zero Entertainment is a small business software development company in Elkton, MD.

It was founded on Oct 2010 by Chris B.

Since then they have designed their first product called "Birth of a Hero" which is a First Person Shooter video game where you play as Rah and try to get to the Lands of the Forgotten before it's too late.

Our newest working title that is still in the works is The Forgotten Lands which begins in the past when Rah was a teen and before Project Zero was even a thought in the scientists heads.

In the Forgotten Lands, you choose what you want to do, you decide your fate.

The Forgotten Lands is currently in private beta and we plan to hopefully have the game ready by Spring 2012.

When you submit your review, please give examples or solutions on how I can fix the problem.

As always I thank every person who reviews, and appreciate their effort, but please be polite and keep the rudeness away.

Thank you very much.

Again the site is "" in case you forgot after reading all this.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Chris B.


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I checked out your site,I think its a great concept. I need to spend more time looking it over and finding what its all about.

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