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Linkreferral Forums - Transferring Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress
Post By: member_177602Post Date:   2012-03-15 03:34:16
name: Chathura
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Transferring Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

"I have been using Google’s services for my blog since 2008. With Blogger, managing your blog is very easy and straight forward. There were also a reasonable number of nice templates available where I could make my blog different from others.

Also, Blogger’s new interface made life easier and I was pleased with the new features and template designs that they offered.

But, being a web designer and developer, I was never satisfied with layouts that someone else has designed because I couldn’t customize them in the way I wanted. At the same time I wanted my blog to be within my personal domain name, i.e., . So, I decided to transfer my blog into WordPress.

Red More:"

Post By: member_413940Post Date:   2017-01-23 07:29:48
name: Paul
location: Oregon, United States
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you're self promoting in html website development which is not cool! instead of boasting about yourself (which by the way, if you really were a developer / designer) you would have never been on blogger - i will be forwarding this to admin here on linkreferral... this area of the forums is for people helping others... and it's agains the the terms/cond. and you know that.

Post By: WorkFromHomeOnlinePartTime.infoPost Date:   2016-06-01 19:18:09
name: Sondra
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You may want to check out Blogger again. You can more easily customize the layouts with the advanced tools.


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