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Linkreferral Forums - So what's the matter exactly with LinkReferral of late?
Post By: IludiumPhosdexPost Date:   2013-01-25 13:41:50
name: Iludium
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So what's the matter exactly with LinkReferral of late?

"As if issues with the site on the 24th January from about mid-afternoon on weren't bad enough (as witness the "Connexion timed out" error message, in a Luscious Glory of frustration and annoyance, recurring in attempts to reenter the site), I have to wonder if there are other members as are equally peeved and frustrated when problems on the servers develop suddenly and without prior warning.

In fact, it will be worth recalling where Entrecard, following prolonged server issues, suddenly closed down last July without prior notice or warning beforehand, leaving its users scrambling suddenly for replacement traffic-swap exchanges to use. Let it be hoped such won't happen to LinkReferral within measurable distance.

In the interim, though, we'd like to know what steps are actually being taken to ensure the continued trust and confidence of us fellow-members in LinkReferral in view of late developments."

Post By: ELdricho13Post Date:   2018-11-22 20:18:49
name: TM
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seems like the site has been left with no maintenance and no support. Fundamental site features such as "inbox",and "change info" when clicked on redirect to a "not found" error page. Also I have not received replies from contact form emails to the support team in over a year. Very sad to see it fall to mismanagement as has several features that make it unique and user friendly.

Post By: member_64103Post Date:   2017-10-30 14:31:13
name: Tarps
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Sometimes there are not enough sites to view.


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