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Linkreferral Forums - People abusing this site! please read
Post By: member_397062Post Date:   2013-07-30 13:50:51
name: sz1
member since: 2013-07-15
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computing / hosting
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People abusing this site! please read

"Hello, love this site and need to point out users who give ratings without even trying and are abusing link refferal, have a look at my sites ratings a blatent disregard for this sites rules and also directly affecting me by having low ratings by people who are not being honest and making a mockery of this site because they dont know the rules or just dont care. Thank you site admin

i have posted this here as site contact is unavailable , error, notice to all rule breakers if u rate my site in a spammy unethical rule breaking way expect a harsh reply."

Post By: Angelic BoobsPost Date:   2015-05-05 01:14:31
name: Angelic Boobs
member since: 2015-05-02
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adult / galleries
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I agree with this. But, I also feel that people give 10 star ratings and one liners as feedback too often. People are giving perfect score feedback in hopes that they will receive the same in return. That's also manipulating the system. I wish people would just review honestly from both perspectives. Good or bad, competition or not, say what you think about a website and give some useful advise.

Post By: member_411302Post Date:   2014-04-25 04:51:52
name: innovative
location: Delhi, India
member since: 2014-03-14
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miscellaneous / general
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we could all use one. good work and excellent content..


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