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Linkreferral Forums - Improvements to forums
Post By: Dave PilgrimPost Date:   2013-11-14 05:00:10
name: Dave
location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Improvements to forums

"The Linreferral forums are really useful, but they could be so much better with two small improvements:

1) Make links in the body of a post into hyperlinks, and

2) Allow users to edit/delete their posts (there's nothing worse than realising you've made a mistake in a post and can't do anything about it)

Thankyou, and keep up the great work"

Post By: IludiumPhosdexPost Date:   2014-01-12 12:36:40
name: Iludium
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Another improvement as could be welcome in these forums:

Having a "report this post" link (a "killswitch," as it were) so that members could flag obvious specimens of spam or self-promotion as are officially prohibited in the forums--in particular such messages tending to obnoxiously glowing generalities as are too attractive to the vulnerable and easily-led.


Post By: adminPost Date:   2013-11-16 12:22:50
name: mike
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we have allowed a 2 hour option to change a post (the should be an edit your post link), no reason it can't be longer we've extended it now to 24 hours.

we don't currently have hyperlinks as unfortunately in these forums it has encouraged spamming in the past.

thanks for the input.


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