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Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition Cognac

"Looking forward to a delicious beverage to share with your friends? We have the right product for you. Celebrating 100 years of making high-quality cognac recognized, Martell has launched a limited edition of Le Cordon Bleu Centenaire. This is not the first time you have completed the special editions, but this time there is more history behind them. This special cognac is packaged in two different packaging options.

Participate in historical matters, we must affirm that Edouard Martell started his own range of distilleries in 1912 to develop the highest level cognacs, the best of his being Borderies water spirits. It has floral and fruity blend mixed with hints of plum and orange.

Le Cordon Bleu, the other has the ingredients listed above, plus a touch of cinnamon, the latter being carefully prepared by the master distiller LAN Benoit. In packaging, delicious drink is packaged in a blue lacquered wood with velvet lining.

The translucent blue bottle has its own place in the house next to a bottle that comes with him. As a sign holding the number 100 printed on both the neck of the bottle and the outside of the main case. Moreover, the case includes versions were made of silver and a locking magnetite obvious. This package is priced at $ 3,828 per game.

We present the second package now, which is a little less exquisite than the last. The theme of the design and illustrations have been preserved in this package, so, this time to share a high level of elegance as well. The main difference is that the bottle is transparent, so that we can see beautiful colors of the drink, with a crown of silver colored signed in the neck. This package is available for $ 1338.

If the fan or collector, go to the room Asia duty free shop. If you're lucky, you can find one of these on the shelves."

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