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More on Review Quality (updated 02-25-07)

Review quality is part of the ranking criteria in an effort to;

a) Provide more helpful feedback to our members from your peers (and potential customers) with good quality reviews
b) Provide better quality visits and a sense that visitors have fully taken the time to go through your site
c) increase overall traffic. (who can resist not coming back to view what people have to say about their online endeavour?) note: to learn how to control who sees these reviews go here

we are insuring the reviews will be good quality by manually checking and rating your reviews. Factors that make a good review are,

  • at least two sentences
  • a review that refers to something specific details of the site visited (don't just leave it at 'good colors, great navigation, nice layout, like the graphics' all those terms are generic and could be true for any site). It should be a comment that there is no other way than having visited the site to have made them. (e.g. the illustration of the 5 steps to curb smoking was really effective)
  • uniqueness between your reviews (do not give the same basic review for all 5 reviews)
  • if it is constructive criticism, be kind and helpful (a.k.a. don't be a jerk) everybody has something to learn...
  • talk about their site, not yours. Your link will already show beside your review
  • A review that is either helpful with regard to constructive criticism, a question, or references how the site relates to your life (e.g. 'my niece loves collecting antique jewelry, she uses ebay all the time and has over 100 pieces... I'll have to pass on your link to her')

  • Rating of reviews are on a continuous basis by our moderators, and for each review rating, each member starts fresh. (i.e. a rating for a poor set of reviews will not affect the rating for the next set you submit).

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