Review Status
General - Members are now able to choose whether specific reviews on their site will be made available to the public or kept private. The original concept of the reviews was to allow visitors to recommend sites they enjoy visiting, as well as allowing for constructive criticism to enable members to use that feedback to improve their sites. This has largely been the case, however, there have been some instances of irrelevant/inaccurate negative reviews derived from a 'competitive' atmosphere between members within the same category. Additionally, some reviews, although perhaps not inaccurate, are simply not appropriate for public viewing. We feel by providing the option of showing reviews, this will keep the integrity of the original intent of the review process.

What a private review means - If a member decides to keep a review private, It does not necessarily mean a member has something to hide, as indicated by the issues cited above. However, at the same time, by keeping some relevant negative reviews made public, it may portray a more open policy to potential customers.

How to show/hide reviews - You can administrate the status of your reviews by simply logging in, then either select 'View your reviews' or visit your website/reviews within the appropriate category. If you are not logged in, your reviews will appear as they would to all other visitors and members. If you view other members reviews whether you are logged in or not, the reviews will be shown/hidden according to the site owners preferences.