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mm opps. / work-at-home    17 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-04-24 14:36:24    Bryan
Good site check it out. Good opportunity to make money.

additional comments: Why did u make it a seven if u liked it?

response: In my opinion, your content is spread out. There seems to be wasted open spaces and gaps between thoughts. Close it up a bit and the appearance would be better. This is only MY opinion. Others might disagree.
shopping / general    9 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-04-23 20:01:31    Jake
I really like your site! Good pictures and textual links. Good job!.
mm opps. / products    51 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2012-04-22 12:43:05    Allen
cool site. great pictures. nice stuff .

response: I would appreciate any ideas you might have that would improve my site. I know we are all pretty busy with what we're doing, so I udnerstand if it is a time constraint. Thank You, Bob
computing / advertising    8656 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2011-12-23 05:12:44    mike
wish you sucess....

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