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2015-03-10 12:22:10    Maketta
This site is pretty good. I really like the call to action that you have implemented. You might want to add a contact page in case anyone wants to know more about the program and also some social media buttons if someone wants to share it..
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2013-09-06 12:09:17    brandi
Great content and very well displayed. Was very different.
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2013-09-01 20:01:31    Ahilip
Great video. Did you actually signup to my program? The offers are free complete and only takes a little bit of your time..

additional comments: Thanks for your review. Offering a rebate would be a good idea. What steps are you taking to get people to signup? How long have you been working this program? How did you get introduced to this program? Did anyone refer you to this program? What's your referral link and referral id? If you'd like, you can email me at
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2013-08-31 23:46:54    Tammie
Definitely a website to check out if you are looking to make quick money..
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2013-08-31 13:54:53    Luis
yeaa, check it out. you will enjoy the benefits. Start earning today for every referral you sponsor..

additional comments: i dont think if the computer is on sleep it won't really make any $$ because your comp is not really on. Just leave your comp on idle and you start earning when you leave your computer on while you do other things in your personal life. Try it out, trust me you will enjoy the earnings for just leaving your computer on. :)
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2013-08-30 14:06:36    C
Quick money making is the main topic for everybody..
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2013-08-30 14:00:07    matt
This site is great! I've made two sales this week for a total of $200.00 with minimal effort!.
mm opps. / free-opportunities    14 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-08-27 09:23:43    Natalie
Very straight forward and to the point and love the free download..
mm opps. / general    69 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-08-26 12:18:14    todd
Site looks good,I like the money making offers..

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