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2013-10-14 09:33:13    Richard
This has never been a problem for me, but if ever you have a product that helps your ejaculate let me know lol! Well designed site with easy to follow information and a simple top to bottom navigation with a good balance between pictures and text. My only critisism would be that when you click to exit the site it says "are you sure" - this always annoys me because I wouldn't have clicked to leave the site if I didn't want to..
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2013-10-13 21:45:12    Black
Seems like a good product for those who can use it. We have 13 year old and up, so we do list nightclubs, we try to stay away from sexual things, as teens should concern with school work, and a bright future..

additional comments: Certainly, everyone is allowed to join, websites cannot discriminate, like all sites, our profiles cater to our niche market.
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2013-10-12 21:04:58    Hi-Class
The site is really user friendly and very informative. :).

additional comments: Thank you. :)
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2013-10-10 11:58:11    Haywood
Fast load. Good content. Excellent looking sales page. Product all men can use.
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2013-10-09 11:47:32    Carl
The site is set up well. You give some facts to back up the product. There are a lot of sexual function products .
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2013-10-09 03:45:52    Justin
lots of info thanks for this.
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2013-10-09 01:29:19    banlin
Good one and explanation is really good..
mm opps. / products    7 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-08 20:49:16    Mark
This is very informative specially to men who had personal male problems..
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2013-10-07 17:04:11    Gilbert
George : good knowledge about product.
health / products    0 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-06 09:36:18    gur
Site name does not suggest the solution it is actually offering..
entertainment / general    2 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-03 05:08:23    syed
the site is really easy to navigate..

additional comments: Thanks for reviewing. And if you like me to add something then suggest me.
homelife / services    397 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-02 16:44:51    Blue Sky
Very well put together. Navigation is easy..
mm opps. / free-opportunities    34 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-02 13:41:58    James
This web page is great and must see by the world!.
computing / general    54 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-02 05:17:34    Julian
Awesome layout, good banner - a real person related directly to the product always converts better. Plenty of info and data. Just the job..

additional comments:
miscellaneous / general    309 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-10-01 20:15:47    ed
Male health site that features a product for ED. Well-designed and easy to navigate, the site gives you plenty of information to make an informed decision. .

additional comments: Thanks for the review.
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2013-10-01 08:33:19    Nick
A pretty decent looking site. But I am going to make the following recomendations: 1) Make your font LARGER. Men that may be looking for your information may be miopic. That is, they may not see very well. So make it easier to read. It wasn't too difficult, but I personally like larger, bolder fonts. 2) Place your YouTube video near the TOP of the page instead of the bottom. Your index (first/start) page is full of information. Hey, this is the internet and people want things FAST. I think they'd rather watch a streaming video to find-out what you have to offer...rather than read several hundred words that include highly techincal terminology. Just saying. .

response: Hi thanks for review. My site is about new product and I will see how it would convert. If I'm not satisfied, I will keep in mind your recommendations. Thanks for being honest.
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2013-09-28 10:51:29    kris
excellent site well designed and implimented .
travel / accommodations    287 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2013-09-28 01:31:36    Niksa
Great site you made Sir, which can help a lot o people , i read it with interest. Loads quickly and is easy to understand .

additional comments: I will copy paste some testimonials, which cured people by MMS drops. I do not know om which language you can see it but i am writing on English language. MMs is basically mineral, 1 120 ml bottle cost 20 dollars and can last you months and can be ordereed on internet, it cures almost any disease known to a man nowadays. I am not selling it, just let people know that this stuff found by Jim Humble 16 years exist an on Google you can find a lot. Chances are, if you have had a good experience treating a particular condition using MMS, then others with similar condition might also have a good experience with MMS. By submitting your testimony to this website, you help in giving MMS (now targeted by the FDA) the credit it deserves and hopefully helping others in the same situation you were in (should they read your testimony of success and decide to try out MMS for themselves.) If it helped you, it might help them. Testimonials Add Testimonials Cold sores [Posted : 09-25-2013] I used to get cold sores very often. I used MMS and went to 20 drops per day, that was about 4 years ago and have not had a recurrence. Christopher Murphy Saved me from giving up [Posted : 09-20-2013] Hi there, I've been a long time tick host, lived in Germany and last Switzerland, travelled a lot through some european countries and caught most of the local ticks, as I had been straying around in the forests a lot. So no doubt that I must have been pretty loaded with all kinds of parasites. It took many years though to get a diagnosis, so starting from the first erythema migrans, I never have gotten any treatment whatsoever. Somehow I was able to ignore the symptoms by keeping myself active and by a few attempts to shape my immune system (for example with the famous kombucha tea). However, I got caught in a series of heavy symptoms in the past few years that not only kept me from doing my job, finally I got the worst brain fog that I could every imagine (and I never have been of the depressed, pessimistic type). I was functioning no more, collapsed a few times and scared my dearest human beings around me. They all said my personality was flaky. Hospitals didn't find anything in my blood, except for a slight hint (when I begged them for a Lyme check), but not enough to get a proper treatment. Generally over all these years, I kept hearing: Well, you're ok, you're fit, what do you want from us? Maybe consider seeing a shrink... So, before terminating myself because I couldn't take it any longer, I tried various forms of Sodium Chlorite solutions. I had read about MMS, but finally, I was advised by a special therapist, before I took the stuff. So I began with the advised minimum dose of five drops...and BANG...I was heavily sick for one day. By now, after a 30 day test phase, I could say that the reaction was a heavy Herxheimer reaction to the toxine load and my wrecked constitution. So I could literally keep no food in myself, it splashed out regularely through all possible paths (pardon my descriptive language, my excuse is to not be a native speaker :-) ) While being seriously ill, I got aware of another reaction that I had noted earlier: It's a stinging, short pain that can occur anywhere in the body, and which goes away within a few seconds, then comes back for a few times. The Chlorine Dioxide obviously had triggered something in my head, and since then, it has done it a few times again, but with decreasing intensity. After the last few times calling ralph by the white phone on that day, I slept a lot. Next day, the brain fog was gone, but my stomach and intestines felt wrecked. So I drank a lot of tea (which I kept inside, this time) and tried to detox myself with a few nutrition additives. The day after, the brain fog was still gone. How could that be? I was even fit enough to make a walk. Before that, my knees didn't have any power whatsoever. Somehow, that bit of toxic gas inside my veins must have destroyed a lot of unhealthy stuff that made me sick. So, since then I am on my little MMS protocol, tried it in various ways (activated, non activated) while monitoring my pH urine level, to see how I was doing with the acids. I have done a lot of research about the pros and cons, honestly I must say it appears to me as one of the least intrusive (let aside the heavy Herxheimer reactions) and best controlleable antibiotics so far. However, I would not advise anyone to use MMS with a very wrecked immune system and without a therapist-advised strategy on how to get rid of all the toxic waste after the MMS reaction. After all, I now have my lab diagnosis after more than 10 years of uncertainty, and the funny thing is: I don't care anymore. Needless to say that the doctors didn't know what MMS was. Their decision is still not made yet, but the chance is little, that I'll take their antibiotics advice, once they finally found their conclusion. My hope currently is, that MMS can get rid of the remaining garbage as well. Even if it doesn't, it got me out of the worst. Thanks, Jim. Martin S. Testimonio tratamiento con MMS de VIH [Posted : 09-18-2013] Buenos d?as: Nuestro testimonio sucede en San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid)-Espa?a A trav?s de "Dulce Revoluci?n" conocimos el MMS y desde entonces lo hemos estado probando y difundi?ndolo a todos aquellos que les pudiera interesar. Les enviamos el link a un video del testimonio de un amigo enfermo de SIDA desde hace 30 a?os, que al comenzar el protocolo con MMS dej? de tomar los antirretrovirales y ha querido contar su experiencia y mostrar c?mo se encuentra en estos momentos despues de 7 meses. Quizas su difusi?n pueda ayudar a otras personas tanto como nos ayuda a nosotros Reciban un saludo afectuoso y nuestra gratitud por la labor que realizan Arsenio Silvan Testimony [Posted : 09-17-2013] I have my own testimony for the treatment of lung cancer. I have my own medical diagnosis "Inter DiaCor". Having problems with sweating, dry cough, fatigue, nervousness, severe pain in the middle of the back, hard to sleep and pain when lying on the left side. I decided to do a complete analysis of the organism. I found a great contamination of bacteria and viruses in each lung, but really on the left. Also was weak and small alveolar gas exchange. Urgent I started using MMS protocol 1000. Kontrol analysis I have worked for 15 days and the result was 50% less microorganism, still I spent MMS. I've done the analysis for 30 days and the result was 100% clean lungs. I continued to drink MMS for 20 days due to parasites in the cerebral cortex, the brain, and by the end I was able to repair all the problems in 52 days. Initially, the viral load was 86.1%, and finally 4.6%. I have all the images of such evidence for other people or seminars. Health resort I have other patients with bone cancer, severe toxemia, depression and the like. The success was great for 30 days. This is truly amazing! Bozidar Tezak MMS and clay [Posted : 09-17-2013] I discovered dear M. Humble through a video back in 2009-10. Though my health is definetely under control since 2008 (I can heal myself through meditation), I immediately bought it both for me and my family as Xmas presents. Indeed, I rarely used it and since my family was not eager to try it, I nearly "forgot" its existance. Last June, after a failed healing with MMS for a bad fungus on one of my left feet toe since october 2011 - its seemed to get worse and hurt badly - I came back again to the website. I discovered and signed the petition for MMS freedom, then considered MMS carefully again. Guess what? I finally find the solution to this strange fungus whose behavior was perfectly described ander the Chapter "Fungus Control". I definetely got it from a new pair of shoes: no other reason was possible. They provide an excellent customer support: I had 5 replies to my e-mails in 4 days! I just couldn't believe that such a cheap product as green clay could be so powerful. The fight was hard, but I was well determined to remove that misterious fungus with no name. After 5 weeks of both topic application (clay+aloe cream 24/7, I removed old dried skin after a couple of weeks in order to let clay further penetrate under the skin - AND drinking the water suspension of 2 tea spoons of clay per day it was finally GONE. The toe became very hard, as a protection for the fungus agaist treatment. Actually, I felt the day it finally died but I then continued my treatment for a further 10 days in order to be sure. As a former microbiologist and geneticien, I observed several further physical benefits of Montmorillonite Clay (they use it for face masks as well): 1) great help for kidney fonction 2) the drinking of clay provided absolute protection against tiger mosquitos! I was in Summer vacation in Italy and noticed that the eve before beginning to take it I got 3 or for bites, which didn't feel like scratching and immediately began to heal themselves. The day after they were gone, then absolute protection occured! 3) also, skin gets beautiful About MMS, I observed really amazing results for pseuriasis (quickly gone), little wound healing and mouth wash. My very dear Nigerian mother used MMS and enjoyed it for some 2 weeks for a very old filariasis, then stopped drinking it because one day she suddenly fell sick in a very special moment (we were receiving some 120 people for our little african museum) and naturraly blame it to MMS. I felt a bit responsible for that, though I was sure that it was for good. Actually, there was a bad gastro-virus then in many people and I am sure that that was the reason. She had bad nausea and suddenly vomited twice, but after an hour she was more alive and kicking than ever! She would happily dance on music for more than 2 hours in a raw! Anyway, she is very happy for the benefits she has from just the topic application, near her left knee. So, a BIG THANK YOU from the very deep of my heart. Bless you. Roberto Tumor gone within two weeks [Posted : 09-16-2013] Three month ago on my scrotum a little hard pinpoint size small tumor occured just beneath the skin. After two month the tumor had the size of a pea and it started to feel strange and hurt a little bit. I got worried whether this would be some kind of cancer, but I did?nt wanted to see a doctor, as most of us older guys wont do. Also because I was familiar with MMS already. After a research in different forums on the internet I cam to the self-diagnosis it might be a varicose vein. To leave it undecided what it really was I first rubbed in a few drops of DMSO. Than I made a three drop solution with MMS and applied it to the tumor just outside the on the skin. Additionally I applied a little piece of kleenex that was soaked with the rest of the solution for about half an hour. I have to admit I got a skin reaction, it was kind of burning. After three weeks now you can not feel anything of it at all. It is just gone. Ralf MMMS and urinary infection [Posted : 09-15-2013] Good morning to everybody, my name is Fabiola Alvarez and i am colombian, i live in italy, i am a gionalist, and in 2002 my brother died of lung cancer, at that time i didn't know anythingh about alternative medicine, so i felt the sense of impotency of the situation. this fact pulled me into the research and alternative medicine. I had a very strong candida albicans problem in 2007 that forced me to do a deep and long research in all the causes of this condition, after months of suffreing,reading and trying the new remedies, i could find the cure for this, i change my food habits and at the end i wrote a book about the whole thing ( i realised that this condition use to return, because my immune system wasnt't strong enough to fight and then after many years i discovered with the urine test that i had a very strong UTI, i ordered MMS and started right away with 3 drops the first day and every day i put 3 more, until get 15 drops, i noticed almost immediately that i didnt have to go to the bathroom every half an hour as before, i drank a lot of water and after 2 months i was new, i knew that my problem was not just the candida, because i still use to feel some symptoms as genital irritation, but the candida and the UTI were 2 single problems that i couldnt resolve and they were driving me crazy in this circle. at this time i can say i feel much better than april when i started the MMS, and also it gives me a lot of energy, i traveled to Colombia in the summer and i cured my mum that also had an UTI for more than 6 months, she made the urine test and it was negative. Jim, andreas, Kerry, i admire you a lot,you are great guys, i am available for anythingh in this adventoure journey, sincerely, Fabiola Alvarez ( fabiola maria It's TRUE!!! [Posted : 09-08-2013] A few years ago a mature woman with full blown AIDS was brought to our church for prayer.My pastor asked me to help her since I had successfully helped other people with very serious illnesses. Since she had already declined to take the anti retroviral medication on her own accord, I put her on Protocol 1000. I also gave her my soft-bounce mini trampoline. Since she could not walk on her own, I gave instructions for her relatives to assist her on the trampoline until she could bounce on her own. She also had several healing scriptures which she had to read 8 times daily, just as with the use of MMS and the trampoline. What happened after blew my mind... Two weeks later a woman fitting the description of a gym instructor strode into our prayer meeting. It took some convincing to confirm that this was the same shadow of a woman with full blown AIDS! We were dumbfounded: it's TRUE!!! MMS is the real deal!!! I knew MMS works - but not this fast! And so thorough. That very day she had jumped on the trampoline for 1 1/2 hrs! She explained that while the 1st week was exceptionally challenging, she percevered and felt enormousely better at the beginning of the 2nd week... and she was only at 2 drops per hour! MMS is a stand alone powerhouse, and makes other protocols work incredibly better! Stephen Rheumatoid Arthritis [Posted : 09-02-2013] Have had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years. Never used allopathic medicine, tried everything else with some success but continued damage to tissue and bones. When i finally read it was viral i contacted the ministry. Really nice people there. Took 3 drops every hour for over two weeks. Then i took probotics for aother 3 weeks. Been feeling so much better last 4 months, like i am cured even though the damage to tissue and bones is still with me. I think i just need to carry on with maintenence dose and improve my diet and lifestyle. Thank you Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna, thank you Jim Humble and co. Marilyn Celkov? stav [Posted : 09-01-2013] Dobr? den, m? zku?enosti s MMS jsou u? celkem rozs?hl?, jednoznačně nez?visle potvrzuji ?e to funguje ! Je mi 23 let od 12 kouř?m tab?k, od 13 Tab?k a tr?vu, od 17 ti let beru pervitin do dnes . NEB?T MMS DNESKA U? NE?IJU. Můj zdravotn? stav byl pochopitelně ?alostn?, do 22 let se rozv?jely v?elijak? nemoci, akn? u? pře?lo do f?ze obrovsk?ch bol?ků. Hemeroidy zač?naly, neschopnost přibrat na v?ze, neust?l? ?nava. Neschopnost přem??let. Zuby jako?to vyj?mečn? př?pad m?m v?echny sv?, a vět?inu vpoř?dku, pervitin mi zuby oproti ostatn?m ničil jen minim?lně. Z?nět ?il na noze, bolest v z?dech a ?patn? tr?ven?. Nep?chal jsem si to nikdy, ale i tak se to namě ř?dně podepsalo... Poč?tal jsem s nevratn?m po?kozen?m a v?echny ty nemoci jsem pova?oval za důsledek m?ho u??v?n?, neuměl jsem si ani představit ?e bych se mohl takto uzdravit. M?lil jsem se, m? po?kozen? ?spě?ně opravuji s MMS. Je mi o 80% l?pe, a č?m d?l v?ce. MMS jsem se i před?vkoval, nad?en? z jeho ?činku jsem ignoroval průjem a pak jsem za?il nejhor?? chv?li v ?ivotě ! Blil jsem, průjem, pocen?, slzen?, teklo mi z u?? oč? z?roveň dotoho zimnice a křeče. Na druh? den jak jsem se vzbudil c?těl jsem se jako ve 13ti letech ! Čich se navr?til, zrak se zostřil, energie po probuzen? a ta chuŤ do ?ivota nepopsateln?. Jim Humble je pro mne bůh . Kdo je vět??m člověkem ne? on ? Kdo pomohl v?ce lidem ? O MMS p??i kde to jen jde, psal jsem doktorům do nemocnic, psal jsem vl?dě, psal jsem a p??u v?ude ! Zku?enost m?m i s MMS2 a to je pro mě mnohem př?jemněj?? a ?činěj??. Velice v?s obdivuji za va?i pr?ci i odvahu a přeji jen to nejlep??.. mějte se Michal Czech Republic Ostrava Michal Mr. [Posted : 09-01-2013] I catch flu easily. This makes me familiar with the onset of symtoms: light-headedness, muscle pain, weakness. Since september 2009 I have been using 6 drops of MMS + citric acid at the onset of symtoms. This was 100% effective in preventing flu. Total number of preventions was 6 (estimated) in 4 years. No sick leave was taken during that time. Last flu infection was in july 2013. In this case I was at work and could only do the prevention routine after 8 hours. I used 3 prevention doses about 6 hours apart. Flu did not go away. However, I did not get the symptoms of coughing and sneezing and a stuffed nose which may mean that secondary infections were prevented. I decided to observe myself for a while without further MMS support. Felt very tired and sleepy for 2 days, not getting better. On the 3rd day started MMS again in the morning: 3 drops + citric acid every 1 to 2 hours. Somewhat irregularly because of tiredness. I was getting better all the time and after 10 hours flu was gone. Remarkable. Most (maybe all) of my colleagues got flu - possibly the same virus - and reported being very ill for 3 or more weeks. Conclusion: - To prevent disease use 6 drops MMS once. - To cure established disease use 3 drops MMS every hour. - The very ill will benefit from the support of a care giver to ensure that MMS is used in the right dose at the right time. Paul helping my uncle [Posted : 08-23-2013] I started my uncle on protocol 1000 just one week ago, here in Kelowna BC Canada. He was in bad shape when I arrived here, having chronic diarrhea, blood-sugar abnormalities, high blood pressure and liver problems, he just had a blood transfuse when I arrived, the doctors where puzzled by the fact that he was losing blood somewhere in the body and they didn't know where and why. After just 2 days being on the protocol 1000, his chronic diarrhea stopped, now after one week, he feels much better, he looks better too. He gained strength and is thinking of taking walks outside again. He had a colonoscopy done yesterday, and everything looked just fine. I suspect he was losing blood due to infections in his colon. I hope the MMS will take care of his liver problems too, as part of the liver is necrotic. wonderful stuff this MMS, me and my aunt are doing a body cleansing, we are both on protocol 1000 for three weeks. Paul paul aalmans Mr [Posted : 08-21-2013] At the age of 65 I had all the symptoms of full blown heart disease. I had heard that MMS would clear out my arterial plaque and remove cholesterol build up from my heart so I went on the pathogen cleanse. The article said that it would take about 3 weeks. I stuck to the regime strictly with a minimum of 8 doses of MMS per day, starting on one drop per hour and after a short time I noticed slight heart palpertations from time to time. I increased the doseage gradually, taking note of how it affected me and at times I had to reduce the dosage, going back half a drop. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my energy levels seemed to be increasing and that there was an increase in my overall wellbeing. It took over 7 weeks before I could take 3 drops per hour without any side effects and by that time I knew that my system had been flushed out resulting in a new feeling of health and vigor. That was 9 months ago and I still feel as healthy as when I was in my 20's. This has definately added many healthy years to my life and I recommend the treatment to anyone who has any symptoms of arterial plaque or heart problems Kel Blackman MMS cured my eczema [Posted : 08-16-2013] I was born with eczema, my mother has suffered from it her whole life. For 28 years I was taking cortison, wich is the only thing dr prescribe to people who suffers from eczema. It came to the point where the cortison didn?t have any effect on me anymore and was just poisoning my body. I also suffer from many different allergies and Asthma. Since I lost all hope for any help from conventional dr I started to research alternative medicine and herbal cures. One day I met a women who told me about MMS. I started directly, after all I had nothing to loose. I quit using all my cortison. The first month was horrible, I looked like a burn victim, all the heavy metals and damage tissue that had been stored inside my body from all cortison started to come up to the serface. It was the hardest time of my life, mostly psycologically but I was just a big sore so there was alot of pain to. But after 3 weeks or so NEW white healed skin started to emerge. It was absolutely amazing to see it! I became better and better, cleaning out my whole body. I noticed mood swings, ups and downs, I became more sensitive, almost like a pregnant woman. I also noticed regulation of my period and less period pains. I know it might sound bad but it was an amazing feeling and overall very positive. I continued up to 15 drops a day. It took me around one year to do that. You have good days and bad days. I am now starting on 6 drops 2 times a week. I have no longer any eczema, my desease of a lifetime that all the dr said I just had to learn how to live with is gone. I feel better than ever before and everyone is amazed with my skin. My allergies have become much lighter too and Im never sick! I recomend this to anyone who suffers from eczema. No matter what other web pages say, this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I?ve proven even the most hard headed and sceptical friends wrong, including my boyfriend. Remember it is very hard in the beginning but once you are over that small phase you will just feel better and better. Good luck! Marianna Gina [Posted : 08-16-2013] Twice a year, without fail I was coming down with a bad respiratory infection. Some doctors said it was Bronchitus. Thanks to MMS, I have NOT been sick in SEVEN YEARS! I simply start taking MMS 2 or 3 times a day at the first sign of nasal irritation, and within hours I am as good as new. About 4 years ago I felt the onset of a herpes simplex outbreak under the skin of my lip starting. I mixed MMS, I dipped a straight pin in MMS, and poked repeatedly the area that was to break out. Then, for approx. 5 minutes I used a q-tip to rub the MMS over the lip area that 'was about to' be infected... 20 minutes later I could feel the Herpes infection "under" the skin was dead. My body cleared out whatever was there under the skin, I did NOT break out with the sore, AND, I have not had a breakout YET, since then. It's been FOUR YEARS. If it happens again, I will simply do the same. THANK YOU JIM HUMBLE !!!! Gina Gina Hendricks MMS practitionaire [Posted : 08-16-2013] Dear Jim Humble sir, I have a farm hand that has an allergy in eating Dried Squid. We had dinner that night and we were eating dried Squid. after about 15 minutes of eating the stuff his Arm skin, Face and neck started to puffed up color red all over his body, his body start to bloat and itch all over. His throat started to constrict making his breathing diffecult for him if not for the MMS 2 (calcium Hypochlorite) I immediately give him. It was about thirty minutes after taking MMS 2 that he begun to breath more easily and all redness of his skin and bloated body part start to dissapear. It was a relief that his allergy to Dried Squid got cured in about 25 to 30 minutes. It was so amazing how Calcium Hypochlorite was able to control an allergy. One question: Does it mean that the allergy reaction was cause by bacteria? Virus or Mold or toxic fungus from the dried Squid? I need your openion on this matter. Thanks Walter O. Lituan ( Walter Lituan almoust amputated [Posted : 08-14-2013] DEAR JIM: MY FRIEND WHO IS A VETRERINARIAN GOT A VERY INTERESTING PATIENT;THIS WAS NOT A DOG BUT HER NEIGBOUR, WHO HAPPENED TO BE BITEN BY A DROG ADICT AN ALCOHOLIC WHO WOULD NOT LET GO ONE OF HIS FINGERS FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES TILL BETWEN 3 GUYS OPENED HIS MOUTH BY FORCE AND KIKS. THIS PERSON HAD VISITED 2 DOCTORS WHO INJECTED IM IV PENISILIN AN LOTN OF OTHER SUBSTANCES LIKE PAIN KILLERS BUT THE PAIN WAS STILL THERE AND THE FINGER STARTED IN WORDS OF MY FRIEND THE VET ....TO SMELL LIKE ROTEN AND GETTING BLACK AND ALMOUST TO BE AMPUTATED HER FRIEND HAPPENED TO HAVE MMS BECAUSE A WEEK BEFORE SHE USED IN GETTING CURED FOR TERRIBLE BRONKITIS. SHE TOOK THE BOTTLES WITH HER AND JUST DROP THEM ON THE GUYS FINGER ;SHE FORGOT TO DILUTE THEM.. THE POOR PERSON STARTED YEALING IN PAIN FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES HAY ,HAY,HAY HAY,AND THE WOUND WAS BUBBLING LIKE WITH FOUR ALKASELTZERS... AFTER 10 MINUTES EVERITHING STARTED TO CALM AND HE THANKED,AND LEFT. NEXT DAY MY FRIEND THE VET TOLD ME THAT THE TERRIBLE BITE WAS COMPLEATLY SKARED ,NO PAIN NO BLAK COLOR ,JUST IN A SMALL PLACE SHE DID THE DROPS THE FINGER IS GREAT 2 DAYS LATER.. alan Alzheimers [Posted : 08-14-2013] I have seen many problems solved with MMS. My favorite was when my mother was diognosed with Alzheimers and was given a pill, which after taking the first one at 10 PM, paralized her body but allowed her to talk and she was scared. I listened to her cry when it happened. She did not even know what she was taking. After she told me which bottle, I googled the pills which turned out to be Alzheimers meds and not effective. So my mother when asked, if she wanted to keep taking them, she said no. I gave her 6 drops of the MMS and fifteen minutes later she was fast asleep. In the morning I gave her 6 more drops and an hour later 6 more. By 9:30 AM we had a normal conversation about how she met my father some 65 years before, her clarity of thought had returned. After 1 week of protocol 1000 she felt so good she stopped taking the MMS and after a month her symptoms returned. 1 week on protocol 1000 again she felt great and stopped taking the MMS I tried to get to keep taking it but after a week she felt she had enough sure enough it came back a month later and then we would start again. However the clarity of thought provided my mother was undeniable. 3 years later most of my siblings had forgotten about her alzheimers diognosis. Keith Pace PS- Jim Humble you're my Hero. Keith Pace August 2013 Update on Ronnie's Prostate Cancer [Posted : 08-14-2013] UPDATE ON RONNIE?S LATEST VISIT TO DOCTORS (8/1/2013) Ronnie?s last checkup to the doctor who had given him the biopsy for prostate cancer in Oct. of 2012 which showed he did have prostate cancer, and that his Gleason test showed he was seven in the growing stage of from 1 to 10. The only way to find out what the numbers are for this test would be another biopsy. Even the doctor admitted that could be very damaging and unnecessary. After discovering the web site of Jim Humble and taking the mineral MMS (Master Mineral Substance) within two months Ronnie was totally healed of any previous symptoms of cancer. He has visited two cancer treating doctors, twice in Florida and twice in Indiana; neither can find any trace of prostate cancer. Ronnie?s first P.S.A. test was ten point six, now it is down to one point eight. However, he has not gone through this without suffering, at the hands of his practicing physicians. For the sake of time and space; there is a full article on our web page ( telling how Ronnie?s doctor?s reaction to the latest test results and their advise. To go to the web page, after entering in your search engine, click on ?List of Studies? and look for any article title with Ronnie?s name in it. You may also want to browse around in some of the other studies and/or the 18 chapters of ?Novel? about the life of Yeshua (Jesus). Rhoda & Ron Foust Healed foot infection [Posted : 08-14-2013] I punctured my heel on a rusty metal bolt in a boat while in the Amazonion jungle with no medkit. A friend who i was with, introduced me to MMS. The puncture in my heel was the size of a dime. It had turned black and green slime had started to form, always being infested by some flying bug. I made a 10 drop solution and used my toothbrush to clean all the gunk out. My heel eventually healed. Also became very sick due to the mosquitos, couldn't eat and was very dizzy, feverish. 15 drop dose of MMS, woke up in the night and expelled both ends. Felt back to proper health the next morning! I don't want to know what would of happened if my friend didn't have MMS with him.. Thank you all. ALX Display # 5101520253050100All Page 1 of 16 Start Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next End Here we have MMS testimonials in various categories. We encourage those of you who have had a good experience with MMS to share your testimony. By adding your testimonial to this website, you help in giving MMS (under attack) the credit it deserves - while helping others in the same situation to try out MMS for themselves. For support, please contact or visit us at You can also sign up for our MMS newsletter, featuring the latest news and happenings on MMS, the latest research, upcoming MMS seminars, church news, general news and words of wisdom from our very own Archbishop Jim Humble, the discoverer of MMS and founder of Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. You can sign up here. Odaberite jezikhrvatskiafrikaansalbanskiarapskiarmenijskiazerbajd?anskibaskijskibjeloruskibugarskiče?kidanskiengleskiestonskifinskifrancuskigalskigrčkigruzijskihaićansko-kreolskihebrejskihinduindonezijskiirskiislandskijapanskijidi?katalonskikineski (pojednost.)kineski (tradicionalni)korejskilatvijski/letonskilitvanskimađarskimakedonskimalezijskimalte?kinizozemskinorve?kinjemačkiperzijskipoljskiportugalskirumunjskiruskislovačkislovenskisrpskisvahili?panjolski?vedskitagalogtajlandskitalijanskiturskiukrajinskiurduvel?kivijetnamski Pokreće Prevoditelj Write new testimonial MMS Testimonials All Acne Allergies Anal fistula Animals / Other Arthritis Autism Blood problem Bronchitis Cancer Candida CHD COPD Crohn's disease Dementia Dengue fever Diabetes Dry scalp and Dandruff Eczema Flu (Influenza) Fungal infection Gum problem Hepatitis Herpes HIV Infection Kidney problem Lyme disease Malaria Mole growth MRSA (Staph) Multiple sclerosis Ovarian cysts Psoriasis Sarcoidosis Scabies Sinus problem Skin problem Tooth problem Tumor Ulcerative colitis UTI (Urinary tract infection) Various diseases Other Donate with PayPal with Bitcoin Archbishop Jim Humble Archbishop Jim Humble enjoys the use of social media, join in! ? 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