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2014-06-12 11:49:42    Scott
Beautiful site but it appears you are just getting started? Hope to see more images soon. THanks..
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2014-05-16 06:47:08    Greg and Marg
The design is basic and looks like a starter website for a budding young photographer? You have start from somewhere and I can give much advice to how tp set up your port folio. It would be unfare of me to be critical at this point without first knowing what you intend the website to do for you. Is it a social site with fun photos or do you intent to use the site to advance your career in photography Do you intend to attract visitors to your work in the hope that your photography will become we'll known. Once I know that information I can then advise you on how to set up the site. Firstly I would advise at giving your website a creative title that will hit people between the eyes. Starting with your Home Page. At this point it is very basic and uninteresting. Place one of your best images on the home page under the title of the site. The sites search panel across the top is a little off beat for photography. All you require at this stage is Home Page, About Page, Gallery, Contact. Don't waste your time on unrelated pages such as Forum, Help Out etc. With your help out page I quite honestly think you are taking a risk. Asking for donations is not in the best interests of anyone. If you are genuine in seeking a career in photography then you need to find another way than through your website. In your Contact page only supply your email address. It is a dangerous thing to offer a phone number. The internet is filled with weird people who will use that to benefit them and not you or your work. I would seriously advise against offering your phone number or address under any circumstances. Always use your email to contact people. Only anser emails if they are to do with your advancement in photography. Please email me if you would like me to advise you on further development of the site. I would be happy to help. Take a look at my website and you will see how a site should look for a port folio. Good luck Greg .

additional comments: .

response: Sorry I didn't understand your review. What was the problem? Thanks Josh Brown
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2014-04-26 16:02:38    Allen
Photo contents on this site are really high-caliber and of great quality !! Thanks and great site!.
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2014-04-26 10:33:29    okeef
If your are a picture lover why not visit Joshua brown website gallery..
entertainment / art    36 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2014-04-25 17:53:36    Al
"I like your photography very panaramic and eye chatching, great job".

additional comments: Thanks for the review and favorable comments, regards!

response: Thank you very much for the feedback I greatly appreciate it!
entertainment / art    678 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2014-04-24 22:19:25    Al
"Very attractive site layout, you have some beautiful photography here, enjoyed the visit:.

additional comments: Thanks for the review and comments, It's not my option to alter the appearance of the site construction I'am only an affiliate artist on the site, but thanks for the suggestions, my personal print site of my originals is at regards!

response: I really appreciate you reviewing my site and photography! I enjoyed your art and hope the best for you in the future. Thanks again, Josh

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