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2016-11-06 07:26:11    Paul
i love the site and i'm giving you a perfect score... it's fast and responsive, great design, and you have good navigation. there's only one thing i found that was confusing (as a reader/viewer) when clicking on the navigation bar at the top - that is, i didn't know i was going to those topics. the huge picture in the top fold needs to go! it doesn't change and it takes up the entire screen - then below it, the content changes when i clicked on each menu item. i only realized it because i wanted to scroll down to see what was below the image so i could give you a review - but if i was a potential customer, i would have never thought to scroll down when i did a search for fish tank or pond cleaning. i would have just left the page. ... the other thing is that, the more keyword rich text content you have in the top fold the better SEO and SER you will have... so by getting rid of the huge slider image, which takes up way too much space, that will pull up all that wonderful text below and increase your keyword ranking because now it's in the top fold! i hope all that makes sense - maybe do some research in the Bing and Google website development forums to see if you can get more info to help you. ... otherwise, the site is awesome and you've done a great job!!! your prices are incredibly low and i'm sure you are going to be a huge success! best wishes and i wish you all the success in the world! :).

response: Thank you so much now I just have to figure out how to fix this lol
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2016-11-05 04:32:41    Steven
Very interesting site you have there. ..
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2016-11-05 01:20:08    Niksa
A great site with amazing content. It's a must visit for anyone that wants to stay informed. Good graphics with nice links. I would definitely recommend a friend to this 5 star website...
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2016-11-04 23:33:24    btc
Nice article, easy to navigate and loads quickly..
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2016-11-04 11:08:39    Bren
Nice website for pets and fish.
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2016-04-04 04:36:19    Mick
Mobile service for your aquarium or pond!.

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