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shopping / personal    37 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2017-01-04 08:43:49    Sondra
Interesting mixed media Jewelry and home decor pieces at affordable prices..
shopping / general    440 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2016-12-15 07:45:04    Paul
awesome shop... great photos, you have clear titles and descriptions that have good use of keywords. also, good use of keywords and using multi-word tags. Really beautiful work too! LOVE your shop!!!.
finance / general    153 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2016-12-14 04:27:22    Web
Beautiful selection of items. Great gift idea this holiday season and for all occasions..
homelife / realestate    5 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2016-12-13 23:19:42    sherlock
This website a bit heavy for my connection. But it's give direct information include price, and detail material..

response: What did you mean about what you said about my shop being to heavy something about the content. Could you please explain and any suggestions that you may have.
shopping / home    68 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2016-12-12 09:15:14    Larisa
Good use of your Etsy store, your banner is excellent! You have some unique pieces with good pictures. I love the angel wing necklace!.
shopping / gifts    55 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2016-12-11 18:05:04    Jane
Love your banner with the big blue letters. I also like the Lion Head cuffed bracelet! The store looks great!.

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