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2017-01-02 06:54:52    Paul
I LOVE THE PAGE AND THE SITE!!! you are correct (and thank you) about getting excellent photos. your images are clear and the doll clothes are very well presented. the site is fast and has good navigation. the only thing i would suggest is adding a great "call to action" in the top fold (unfortunately, i'm limited on this one with etsy) like "sign up for our news letter" or "click here to see ...". other then that, bravo! you've done a wonderful job - i'm forwarding your site to my sister-in-law who's daughter is a barbie collector. some of the outfits are ADORABLE! i'm sure you will be a huge success. :).

additional comments: thank you so much... it's super hard getting photo's and i struggle everytime - even with a "treat" in my hand or with the assistance of others, it's so hard to get my sweet little wiggly dogs to stand still for photos. and... happy new year! :)
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2017-01-02 02:48:08    News
Wow! Beautiful and lovely barbie clothes. I will recommend this to my family and friends..
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2017-01-01 09:09:04    Niall
A very nice site for the little girls that adore baby dolls .

response: this is A very unfair rating and mean spirited. My website is beautiful and clear pictures good content easy to could you give me such a low rating.i am asking you link referral to remove this review and to suspend the member. if you look at my website link referral you will see it is grossly inaccurate not what she wrote but a poor 7 rating. I do not even sell baby dolls so did you actually go to my only commented on a product i do not sell.

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